Membership 2017-11-05T23:22:33+00:00

If you’re interested in becoming a premium member, register here:

What’s the commitment? 2014-09-10T03:16:30+00:00

Well… none! We understand that everyone has busy schedules. Our members are welcome to attend each and every event, or pick and choose which ones they’d like to participate in. Some events, however, require registration up front to secure spots.

How do I join? 2015-09-18T10:39:43+00:00

Online memberships are now live here. The way that it works is very simple, each club has their own membership item, under which a variety of questions will be asked to any students looking to register for LAA. This year, we are offering two options, General Membership, and Premium Membership, which will cost $20. You will have the option of selecting the membership type. “General” members are free of charge and allow students to join our mailing list but will have to pay to attend events. “Premium” members allow the students to pay the $20 registration fee, and gives them access to all of our events free of charge. If you choose “Premium”, you will be required to pay the membership fee upon checkout.

I’m not in accounting… what would be the point? 2014-09-10T03:16:50+00:00

Good question! Many LAA members are economics and general business students – along with a few in double-degree. The truth is, our events provide value to all students –not to mention that accounting firms don’t just hire accountants exclusively. Apart from that, we love to socialize and connect with our non-accounting peers! Many of our internal events gather solid crowds of fellow Laurier business students looking to network.